4 ways to save money on shipping

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Craving financial freedom with the perks of becoming a successful entrepreneur? But for starters and small business owner’s saving every penny makes all the difference during profit calculations. If you in search for such wonders, than look no further than saving money on shipping. Shipment costs are, to a certain degree, fixed costs but one can, however, reduce shipping charges. Let’s discover the top four ways you can use to save money on shipping: tam cargo

Slower wins the race

This may seem like an unconventional method but a mechanism that does the trick. When preparing to ship a product it’s vital to take note of the speed of the item delivered as compared to the cost. 24 hours is not the deadline for everything. For example products that are not fragile, documented or essential can take a few days to get delivered whereas time sensitive items need fast delivery services. Additionally, make sure that you include higher rates for international shipping so that additional charges don’t come out of your pocket.

Tip: If you sell products on your website, make sure your shipping page accurately represents how long it will take to get the order to the customer, including processing time.

Buying affordable packing supplies

Packing and preparing the items to be shipped is time consuming, space taking and hectic affair that intimidates many. While many shy away from this phase, you can use it to tackle your shipping costs. Why? Because packaging unknowingly can add up a substantial amount in the end. Some use companies who use products which can be brought for much cheaper. One way to cut down on costs is to use flat-rate boxes which are delivered free by the major shipping companies. Likewise you can go and buy your shipping materials in bulk which is guaranteed to help you save almost 30 percent on packing supplies.

Holidays are important

People give and receive the most during the holidays and so will your business. With several non-delivery days during the holiday season, plus a glut of mail traffic, you need to plan ahead by mailing your packages before the holidays. You’ll have to pay more if you wait too long to get your items delivered. You can pass on the increased cost to your customers if you are shipping on time. Think smart and take care of your recipients by mailing gifts, not just to make sure they arrive before they leave for vacation, but to ensure they arrive before they depart.

Shipping policies for refunds

Last but not least the most influential hack lies in the shipping policies of your business. Many large companies offer refunds and exchanges with a variety of offers but in hindsight providing refunds as a small company is tough and troublesome.  However, you are not helpless. Companies that audit packages can manage your account and grant refunds for a percentage of the money they recover. Moreover, these firms can also provide shipping reports and negotiation services, while serving as your consultant.