What Will You Leave Behind?

What will we leave behind when we leave this world? The effects of the life we lived will have influences on those left behind, whether they are pleasant or not. It is our responsibility to leave behind a life that is a credit to humanity. Often, we have a tendency to sometimes be short-sighted about our duty to mankind. We should try to leave a positive life record for our fellow man to learn from. There are several characteristics that most people will use to judge the kind of life we have left behind.

One of the most important things you will leave behind is your name. What kind of name will you leave behind? Will your name be one that is remembered in praise or shame? We should consider those left behind as worthy of us trying to live right and treat our neighbor right. Think about how proud you are of those in your family who have left a positive mark in the world of ours. They are often talked about fondly at all family functions and spoken well of in the community at events. You should consider your name an important thing to maintain.

It is a good thing to be remembered for something worthwhile. You should consider the lessons in your life that you had a hand in creating. Those who you helped become better should be remembered for their role in your life. Things you did or didn’t do should be kept as a lesson and a reminder. They should help someone else through their hard times. They should be something that others can lean on and be encouraged by.

It is also a good thing to be remembered for the good things you did. These things should be something that stands out in someone’s mind. It should be something pleasant that you did for someone else. There are many places we can remind our neighbors of some of the good things we have done for them or helped them. This includes mentions on a coffee cup, a billboard, post office bulk emails, or on the website. In a letter, a friend or even a random out of the blue card can be sent off as a reminder of some of the good things we have done for others.

Those of us who have had great lives leave a legacy for others to learn from. Our lives should not be forgotten and neither should the good things we did. Those who we have taught to believe in God should remember these things and be encouraged to go on with their lives. We should all be striving to leave something for our loved ones to remember that they can use to help others who are in need. Our memories give others the chance to see what we had done for us. Some even get the chance to write about it to bring it to the people who need it.

In life, we all have things that we would like to be remembered for. There are also some people who just don’t feel that they need to be remembered for great deeds. It is still up for us to make somebody remember us for something good. We should always encourage other people to do well in their lives. encourage young children to live well, and to honor the lives of people who have gone on to leave their earthly existence with dignity and respect.

Some of the good things that people will remember us for are

o The time we took to listen and answer the phone.

o The kind words we said to them and how we were treated in return.

o Our generosity to other people.

o respect for our neighbors

o A consistent prayer life.

People may not remember us for all the nice things we did, but they will always remember the bad things as well. People may not remember what we did for them, but they will always remember how we did it. I don’t care if they remember our names or not, but they will always remember the way we treated them, the things we said to them, or the way we did things.

If there is something that you have done for somebody, do it over and over again until the good resulting from it reaches the other people involved in the interaction. This is what we should do with all of our actions. We should not just do it once and then leave it at that. Let there be a follow-up with follow-ups.

People may not remember what we did for them, but they will always remember how we did it. This is important to notice because it is possible that the only way that the good feelings that we conveyed were returned to us was through using words to convey our feelings towards another person. If we forget to use words to convey our feelings towards other people, there is the likelihood that we will not reap the good feelings that we originally wanted to.

Some good examples of this can be found in the Bible. There are people in the Bible who had incredible impact in the lives of others.