What is Being Spiritual About?

I was introduced to Being Spiritual by coincidence. I had found a book called The Art of Stalking that recaptured my interest in spirituality and in that book, it made very clear to me what being spiritual is. I believe that many people have unknowingly done this same activity, to transform their lives through this particular book.

Being Spiritual isn’t a belief or something you are told to believe or something you are expected to do. It is your inner actual Being. That is who you are. Being Spiritual is about recognizing Who You Authentically Are. You can be walking around with all the money in the world and still be lost. True spirituality doesn’t solve all your problems. It doesn’t promise to take away all your troubles and leave you with no emotional pain. But, it will give you a platform to grow and uplift your awareness of Self.

Spirituality is also about paying attention to your thoughts. No matter how clear and crisp you are, your thoughts can still get muddy and filled. How do I know? I have tried a number of therapies and the only thing that kept me in my own “lack” was my mind. I literally worked myself into the ground to get out of my problems. It worked because I knew I was having a lack of self-love. I was being unloved to myself. Spirituality is being aware of Self and what you are thinking.

It is necessary to acknowledge your negative thoughts but you also have to observe them. You need to catch yourself thinking negatively. It is very easy to do this. It doesn’t have to be a conscious effort. You can almost be programming your mind to be less mindful of negative thoughts. But, you need to catch yourself because self-awareness will help you correct negative thinking.

Some people are more aware of what they are thinking and feeling. The sad part of this situation is that many of them ignore it. They sit in their living rooms and watch their DVDs every day without the use of their minds. And, consequently, they have great problems because they are not “being spiritual.”

Do you want to stay healthy, wealthy and so happy? It is possible. So many people are living below their God-given potential. You do not have to be an atheist to be spiritual. All you need to do is to think twice before you act. You have heard people and been in places that are upbeat and healthy and yet they are filled with unfulfilled energy. Why? The unfulfilled energy may be coming from people living with unhealthy burdens and not their desires.

Please, do not fall into this unfulfilled energy and pain, this sadness, this emotional mess. There is nothing wrong with having a life that is fulfilling and enjoyable. On the other hand, you are basically here to receive the best life you can possibly have. Living a life that seems to be overwhelming, in constant harmony and feeling exactly where you should be spiritual, feeling everything, doing everything, it is hard living.

A lot of the burden may be coming from people living with burdens and problems and a lot of these people may not even know that they are dragging around their unhappiness and problems. And, it is more than likely that they will not even admit that they have these problems, probably because they do not want anyone to know of them. This is what may have happened in your life. Having an attitude of “Can’t you take your problems off me, I am busy and can’t take care of them myself.” That is the reason why many of these people are unhappy and so busy with the problems that they do not have the time to listen to the one thing that can make their lives shine.

So, how do you go about changing all of this? The answer is you do not have to live with the guilt. Please read this quote from the Bible below it will help you out. “To whom much is given, much is required.” I believe this phrase explains the same concept as I am about to explain here: To me, Life is a process of assignation.

You have a Soul, the core of your Being; the substance that you possess. Some may call your soul your mind, the spirit of your being, the coals of your heart, the gauze of your morality, the wool of your compassion, or the mound of your empathy. Whatever you choose to call it, each of your souls is spiritual-ous ness, the same affinity that nature has with all that is living.

As a Spiritual Being, you realize that you are not material, but a substance contained in material form. For example, let us imagine you want to buy a new shirt. You compared the shirt measurements on the store’sappearancerends database and decided that the best possible shirt fit into your measurements.