You Are A Guiding Light

In each and every one of us lies a guiding light that if we follow will lead us in the direction that reveals the amazement of who we are as human beings. History reveals such great individuals that leave us in awe, because of their decision to not only tap into their potential but also act on it and thus change the world. It is their determination to succeed, regardless of the odds against them, that allows them to emerge as remarkable leaders and enables them to change the world. We are all examples of these individuals in our own lives and it is our actions that determine whether we are allowing the gifts of our souls to come forth and shine brightly or everyone is reaping the fruits of their labor and are now reaping some of the negative elements.

The angels are not resting on their laurels, but continually working towards making things a little better for those that inhabit our world and since they are so close at hand, it is up to us to not only regard but plant the seeds of greatness and create something of our own that lasts and is meaningful. It is up to us to take our destiny and ourselves and create not only our own good and not someone else’s, but also our own examples that would help others learn to find their own good. Today, we are experiencing the Greatest Depression Since World War II and the birth of a new era, so something is wrong. Things are out of balance and people need to see that the first thing you need to do to get your mind and your finances back on track is to depend on yourself and make it happen byyourself.

You may say that there are other individuals out there that have not made the mistakes that you have made and believe me, there are others that are more skilled in certain areas that you. But they also may not have the emotional baggage that you did and that can come forth when you argue and blame each other. Believe in your abilities and create something of value with them.

Use your own self-initiative to generate good rather than negative energies, and always remain open to the possibility of success no matter what. We always have our own gifts to bring forth when it comes to us and our lives, that’s why it’s crucial to discover and bring forth our own individual gifts. When it comes to other individuals, it’s a whole different story. I truly believe that it is part of our soul’s purpose to experience the heartache that we may experience from our past transgressions. In order to do this, we have to experience the pain first, and then work with it to see what we can do about it.

You may say that you are not the one that went through it, you don’t know what I am talking about. In my opinion, everyone is capable of experiencing this type of pain. I also believe that many of us have been subconsciously headed for this type of situation throughout our entire lives on some level. It’s not that some of us are completely unaware of what’s going on; some of us are a bit arrogant. So if you have the inclination, the feeling, or the hope that you may be a bit arrogant, then now is the time to work on your maturity level. You don’t have to be a convict to be condemned; just make a conscious choice that makes you do what is right rather than wrong. Michael Beckwith wrote, “unless we’re able to be instantaneously sorry, reflexively sorry, always sorry, we’re infallibly forgiven”

hierarchy levels of forgiveness

  1. Forgiveness is necessary because it affirmatively tells the universe that the transgression is an apology and that the forgiven behavior is acceptable.
  2. It drapes you with the Grace of God
  3. Forgiveness gives us the right to expect God to inevitably forgive us from the time we extend the apology. Well, I think they may want to add a fourth dimension: “but it’s okay if He forgives us”. Like I said before, this is just my opinion.
  4. You are not required to take responsibility for your actions. This is a point that I Am sure Askew will bring up, and I am sure this will infuriate people who feel they have had to inevitably apologize for their incorrect actions. People look for a balance between taking implied responsibility and not being held accountable.

You do not have to accept the results of the actions. Looking at it from the point that we are not required to forgive, the best course of action is to deny responsibility. This will allow you to go with the flow, nod your head to the music, smile big towards your Creator, and move on to the next song effortlessly.

Let’s walk through some of the reasons people choose not to forgive the obvious.

People do things for the wrong reasons.